To access the poems and the commentary that this site offers you have to subscribe for a very low cost. I know that there are sites on the Internet where poems can be read for free. There are also sites with critical discussions of poems; many give details of poets’ lives. You don’t get much of that here. What you do get is: (1) a selected set of poems that many persons (including myself) have enjoyed greatly, and (2) a way to gain full enjoyment of them, too. The poem itself is what counts—not the story of the poet’s life, not critics’ viewpoints. The real judge is YOU.

The cost of a year’s subscription is $5.00 (U.S, renewable). For this you get one poem per week, plus commentary meant to help you to enjoy the poems better. At the end of a year you’ll have received 52 poems, plus helpful notes. Please try it.  If you don’t like it, you can always cancel, but you’ll still have received the poetry. You can’t find many anthologies for so little outlay. At the end of two years you’ll have received 104 poems. And so forth.  When the website terminates, an anthology of all the poems presented is envisioned, with a  graduated discount for all multiple-year members.

Do you get any college credits for signing up? No. It’s not a college course. Any certificates? No.  So what do you get? Only the joy of poetry. It’s all inside you—no external rewards. But the rewards you get will be inestimable.

About me (and about you)

Who am I? Why do I think I can do this? I have a degree in English (‘ll blow my horn a little bit:  magna cum laude) from a well-reputed university (the University of Notre Dame), and I hold a general secondary teaching credential from the State of California. But the main thing is: I have is a lifelong love of poetry and the ability and desire to share it, plus several years’ worth of poems to share.  So I simply say: try me and see.

What qualifications do you need? None but the ability to read this. Suppose you don’t even like poetry? Not a problem. This site may help you to start liking it. No guarantees, but I hope so, anyway.

What if you don’t know English very well? What if you’re an English learner? There is no better way to get a deep awareness of the wonderful English language than through its poetry. It’s true that reading English poetry won’t help you much in understanding colloquial spoken English. But it will help you to understand better the wonderful expressive capabilities of the English language.

How to subscribe

Subscribing is (relatively) easy. You need to make up a User Name and a secret Password and have $5.00 in a credit or debit card account.   Then click on JOIN US at  the top of the page of  On the JOIN US page is a “Subscribe Now” button.  Clicking on that takes you to a PayPal page, where you pay your $5. and also sign up for a free PayPal  account.  Finish by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.  PayPal will send you an email notifying you that your payment has a been received.  You will be returned to, where you register (immediately) with the UserName and Password that you decided on, using the REGISTER selection at the top of the page   This completes the registration process.  You can now log in as a member (using MEMBER LOGIN  at the top of the page), and access MEMBERHOME.  You can now click on MEMBER’S INTRO at the top of the page, or if you prefer immediately access the current poem by clicking on POSTS at the top of the page.

Some poems occupy more then one screen;  then all you need to do is scroll (up or down) to see the whole poem.  You can also access four previous poems by clicking on the name of the previous poem at the bottom left of each poem’s final page.  To return to the current poem, reverse the process by successively clicking on the  name of the next poem at the bottom right of each poem, or simply click on POSTS.

After you’ve registered, the watchword is “Enjoy the poetry!” At any later time all you’ll have to do is go to on the Internet, click MEMBER LOGIN and enter your User Name and Password as requested.  Then click on POSTS (or other links at the top of the page, if you wish).  There won’t be any ads or hucksterism to distract you further. Only poems and notes from me. Promise!


One more bit of information:  you get FULL PROTECTION. Your password and the transfer of funds are fully protected by up-to-date encryption technology.  Both PayPal and Siteground (the hosting company for this website) use SSL technology for encryption. You can be confident that your money and your secrets are safe. Additionally, is continually checked for malware and any malware is removed, so your web account is always safe from infection.

Next things to do

To get a better idea of what the site has to offer, click on SAMPLEPOEM at the top of this page.  (The sample poem and notes occupy two pages, so scroll down to read the second page.)   Or, if you’re ready to subscribe, click JOIN US and follow the instructions given above,.